A $25 registration fee and completed registration form is required for every student.  Additional family members, siblings or parents, will require a $15 fee and form.  No contract is required beyond an initial advance payment of one month's fee to assure the 30 day withdrawal notice.  See policy form.


Individual studio piano

Those interested in the serious study of fine literature may expect a study of piano that aims at a high level of artistry.  Instruction can otherwise be tailored to suit the objectives of the student.  Fee is for 30 minute lessons. Lessons of 45 or 60 minutes increase in $25 increments.




class piano I, II for beginners, class comp.

Class piano is a cost effective way to give your student a great start at the piano and music fundamentals.  Classes are limited to four allowing for individual attention when necessary.  Class composition allows students to hear other's work.  Learning an effective creative process is important. 


Individual piano, popular styles, jazz

Instruction in popular styles and jazz is focused on learning chord forms and harmony, with work in improvisation techniques, including keyboard visuals.  Projects in the creation of original music are incorporated as well as the study and performance of existing literature.




individual studio composition

If a student has the urge to create, then they are encouraged to explore their instincts.  This is instruction in developing any style desired, from serious art to popular.  Students spend time daily in composing.  Instruction with notation software can be incorporated. (Finale software purchase required)


class music theory, music appreciation

Music theory and music appreciation are both available on a group or individual basis as demand dictates.  Some classes offered will require a small materials fee, usually under $10.