WHO I am


A musician with a passion

for teaching and sharing music with students.  Among his students are collegiate scholarship winners,  competent pianists who earn outstanding ratings in district and state auditions, talent show winners who have learned to create and perform their original music.  And overall confident, knowledgeable pianists who can perform at admirable levels of artistry.


an advocate for young people

Eight years as volunteer director of the Hoffmeister Young Artist Competition sponsored in Florence by the Shoals Symphony Orchestra at UNA, promoting talented musicians from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, including many young musicians from Huntsville and Madison and surrounding area.  An active leader in several capacities supporting youth activities over the years.


always a student

 Always moving forward in music, always trying to learn more about playing, about teaching, about composing,  about music generally, and especially about how students appear to be thinking and responding to what I tell them.  That is the journey in music, in the arts.  It is a world view and a journey that creates critical and analytical thinking patterns and discipline toward success in many things in life.


an instructor for all kinds of students

Young, older, beginner, advanced, whatever style of music is of interest.


A professional

 W. Tim O'Steen, Doctor of Musical Arts (LSU)   Nearly forty years as a performing pianist and teacher.  Composer of literature for piano, including educational literature for students, as well as serious art music for piano and other musical genres and performance media.  Numerous performances around the state including Huntsville.  Recognized and awarded as a performer at Auburn University, (BM)  and as a composer at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. (MM)  Collegiate teaching experience.  (LSU and the University of North Alabama)


a determined and dedicated instructor

who takes seriously the challenge of helping students become knowledgeable musicians, building the strengths and overcoming the obstacles that any student may have, while assuring that they find their place as a pianist/musician who is competent and prepared to achieve as they desire, whether it be music as a profession or simply the enjoyment of music through a solid playing facility that allows life long enjoyment and enrichment.


prelude music arts studio

opened in Florence in 2002 and still operates for a variety of functions.  Teaching, composing and arranging, recording, publishing.  The Huntsville location opened in Madison in July of 2016 and recently moved to South Memorial Parkway.  Tim O'Steen resides in Florence with his wife and three college aged children.